Do I need a reservation?

Reservations are not required and walk- ins are welcome. It is recommended that you call a head if you have a group (10 or more people).

Can I go tubing when I can’t swim ?

Yes, you can, there’s no experience necessary/needed. We provide you with a life jacket that keeps you afloat at the surface. Before proceeding, your guide will give some training and he will definitely tell you what to do when you end up in the water.

Is the water cold ?

No, the water is a very pleasant,cool 26° constantly.

Will I get wet ?

yes, at time you get wet head to toe on the whitewater trips.

How long is the trip?

Trips times vary based on water level maximum time is 3hrs.

What do I get for the price?

A comfy tube with a life jacket.
Free photos,drinks and snacks
Free parking and a transportation to the river
A great experience.

Do we go if it rains?

Absolutely yes ! You are going to wet anyway.
Are there any discounts for big groups
Groups of 10 or more receive a discount of $5 per person.
Call us a head of time to arrange special discounts for a large groups(schools,businesses/companies,corporates,and churches).

What should I bring ?

You should bring your bathing suit or shorts,footwear is recommended (flip flops,sandals,old snickers etc). you will be on the water for two or more hrs, so you can come along with sunscreen. Personal meditation,money to pay on arrival, extras such as T-shirts, clothes to change. please inform us for any medical conditions.

What do I do with my valuables to keep them safe ?

Valuables can be left at our office at the check  in,they will be kept safe and be given back to you when you get back from the River.

How and when do I pay ?

Please pay in Bujagali at the reception on the day of your trip before tubing starts and big groups are required to pay deposit in advance.

We do accept payments in cash ( US$,UK Pounds,Euros,Ugandan Shillings and Kenyan Shillings),PLEASE NOTE: Due to banking regulations in Uganda we only accept US$ dated year 2010 and above.

Will I see wildlife?

yes ! and they will see you too (no scary animals though).

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